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DESS key for BRP

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  • Manufacturer: Dess key / DESS key for BRP
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Dess key / DESS key for BRP 

OEM 515177057, 515166900, 515176936, 515178002, 515178146, 515178284, 515176461


In the production of ignition keys (DESS KEY SWITCH) MAXPOWER

uses encrypted chip technology with a unique serial number, which restricts access to the electronic ignition system of BRP motor vehicles.

The engine control unit system reads information from a chip located in the security key,

and if the chip number is recognized, it allows the engine to start.

All keys are made from high quality components and materials using the most modern equipment that is used in this field.

When developing, all possible operating conditions were taken into account,

as well as environmental factors that determined the choice of material and components.

The MAXPOWER ignition key is an affordable analogue of the original, while maintaining quality and functionality.

Added to the catalog: Tuesday, 29.06.2021
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