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DIUS Flasher 4.0 Unlimited

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DIUS Flasher 4.0 Unlimited can restore or replace standard (default) firmware by another default or tuning  in 4-TEC/E-TEC models of BRP vehicles since 2004

In this version of the program, counters of all standard firmware and firmware tuning (unlimited number

A complete list of all standard and tune firmware that are currently available in the program database can be seen in the DIUS Flasher 4.0 program

Also, the holders of version DIUS Flasher 4.0 Unlimited have the ability of free upgrade when we will add new standard or tuning firmware to the database of the program.

DIUS Flasher Kit is the same as Diagnostic Kit All 4-TEC/E-TEC (MPI-2 or MPI-3  Interface + Diagnostic Cable). 

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Added to the catalog: Saturday, 28.12.2019