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MPI-3 Diagnostic Kit + License Megatech 10 years

Rating: 5.0/1
  • Manufacturer: BUDS ver.MPI-3 Diagnostic Kit + License Megatech 10 years
  • Availability: Yes
  • Warranty: 6 month
  • Unit: kit
  • Weight: 0.35
    • DESS 4-TEC Interface: 
    • Skidoo Power Interface (BRP p/n 515177223 + 529035997): 
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Ver.MPI-3 Diagnostic Kit + License Megatech 10 years can be used for diagnostic of all 4-TEC/E-TEC BRP vehicles 2002-2016:

        PWC and Sport Boats SeaDoo.
        Snowmobiles Skidoo and Lynx.
        All Can Am vehicles (ATV, SSV, Roadster Spyder).

Features: MPI-3 electronic board in an MPI-2 adapter case.

Diagnostic kit works with BUDS and BUDS2 (for BUDS2 you need to use an additional license).

B.U.D.S. (BRP Utility and Diagnostic Software) is a comprehensive diagnostic software.

BRP BUDS ver. MPI-3 Diagnostic Kit includes:

    Ver. MPI-3 Interface (p/n 529036353) - is used for diagnosis of * all BRP vehicles 1996-2018+;
    Diagnostic Cable (p/n 710000851) - is used for connection of MPI Interface to 4-TEC/E-TEC vehicles;
    Software BUDS1 for models 1996-2016 (links for downloading);
    License Megatech 10 years for BUDS1
    (option) DESS 4-TEC Interface - is intended for add/erase DESS-keys on 4-TEC models SeaDoo/Skidoo;
    (option) Kit Power Interface (BRP p/n 515177223 + p/n 529035997). BRP strongly recommends the use of the Power Interface (515177223) and power supply cable (529035997) to stabilize the unit voltage when using BUDS during software updates.
    (option) BUDS2 license for vehicles 2017+. Choose the type and duration of the BUDS2 license if you need to work with BRP models 2017 and newest.

Using BRP BUDS MPI-3 Diagnostic Kit you can make the following procedures:

    Edit vehicle information;
    Test, add or remove DESS keys;
    Adjust engine parameters;
    Activate module outputs;
    Stop the engine;
    Monitor vehicle parameters;
    Troubleshoot vehicle faults;
    Replace a module;
    Update module software and/or calibration data;
    Read and reset historical data;
    Save vehicle information to disk;
    Print vehicle information.

In addition to the basic capabilities of the license "Dealer", the license "Megatech" allows you to do the following:

        Change the VIN and MODEL numbers (is useful after ECU replacing);
        View stories in hours, rather than percentage;
        Enable/disable DESS (start vehicle with any key (except Roadster Spyder);
        Change the DESS key type in two clicks (normal, learning, rental);
        Clear the ECM history (is useful after ECU replacing);
        Change Total Vehicle Hours (SeaDoo);
        View more information blocks;
        Edit injector's coefficient for E-TEC Skidoo;
        Enable/disable vehicle’s options/modules/sensors;
        Increase the power of Spark 60 hp up to 90 hp.

The differences between license levels "Dealer" and "Megatech" can be seen in the comparison table.

BUDS1 software will not be updated in the future.

All needed software (current and subsequent versions of BUDS) can be downloaded from our FTP server, access to which is available for our customers during the validity period of the purchased license.


* - For diagnostics of old 2-stroke models of SeaDoo and Skidoo (Carb., DI, RFI) is needed to use an additional units - DESS Post Interface (p/n 529036019) and DESS Adapter (p/n 529035904), which are not included in this diagnostic kit. DESS Post Interface is discontinued and is no longer available.

Added to the catalog: Monday, 26.11.2018