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BUDS E3.7.2.4 ALL_PRODUCTS Edition
15.04.2016, 07:43

B.U.D.S. is a comprehensive multi-language diagnostic software that gives you
an insight on BRP electronic modules.

Using B.U.D.S., you can:
    Edit vehicle information
    Test, add or remove DESS keys
    Adjust engine parameters
    Activate module outputs
    Stop the engine
    Monitor vehicle parameters
    Troubleshoot vehicle faults
    Replace a module
    Update module software and/or calibration data
    Read and reset historical data
    Save vehicle information to disk
    Print vehicle information

1.1 Help

B.U.D.S. provides help topics that you can use to solve utilization problems
or learn more about the software. The topics can be browsed using the standard
Windows help browser. B.U.D.S. also provides links that you can use to directly
open the topics related to the interface component that you are working with.

To open the help browser:
    Select Topics from the Help menu or click on the Help button from the

To open a specific topic:
    1. Select What's This? from the Help menu. Note that the cursor shape
       changes to an arrow with a question mark.
    2. Click on the interface component that you want to open the topic of.
    If the interface component that you want to open the topic of is a
    button or an edit zone, then you can also press the F1 key to perform
    the same action.

1.2 What's New?

Version: E3.7.2.4 February 25th, 2016
 ->This version covers all Product lines (ATV, SSV, Roadster, Snowmobiles, PWC and boats) from MY2007 to MY2016. The only  exception is for PWC MY2016 which is covered by BUDS2.
 ->Added FC 715 900 445.fc and removed 715 900 434.fc
 ->Added FC 415 130 153.fc and removed 415 130 078.fc
 ->Added FC 415 130 159.fc and removed 415 129 980.fc
 ->Added FC 219 800 408.fc and removed 219 800 369.fc



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